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The Third Wave of Coffee has brought with it a desire to understand as much as we can about where our coffee comes from. We want to know the everything we can about the coffee farmer and the process that brought the beans to our cup in liquid form. Most importantly, we want to know that the farmer made a more than fair share of earnings from the cup of coffee we are drinking. Organizations and certifications such as Fair Trade, Rainforest Alliance, and USDA Organic do all they can to provide us that information and to make sure that the coffee industry is sustainable. 


Villagers' Coffee Co. flips that model around. While we ensure to source our beans responsibly and sustainably while maintaining a variety for our customers, we truly focus our social goodness efforts on the back side. We track the sale of beans after they are roasted. We take a percentage (exact amount to be determined) of the profits from each sale and apply it to local projects aimed at making our community even better than it already is.


Check out our Subscriptions page for more information on our Giving Model and our Sponsored Projects. 

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Villagers' Coffee Co. started in Square Play Cafe, right here in Holland, Michigan. Square Play Cafe  started out with a great coffee supplier but they really wanted to roast their own in house. From there, Villagers' Coffee Co. spun off into its own brand.

In late summer of 2020, Square Play Cafe was permanently closed, and its roaster Bethany Storer took ownership. We now roast and deliver fresh coffee to your doorstep!